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AA History

The vast majority of alcoholics that attend present day meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous have little more than a nodding acquaintance with the rich and colorful tradition that is AA. From our co-founders early ties to the Rockefeller Foundation to the White House ceremony where the One Millionth Big Book was presented to then president Richard M. Nixon, Alcoholics Anonymous has a past unlike any other organization. My hope is that you enjoy the information posted on this page and come away with a deeper appreciation of the enormity of the greatest miracle of modern times - Alcoholics Anonymous.



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Liberty Magazine, 1939, First National Press Exposure for AAIncluded below, you will find links to an abundance of written correspondence generated when AA was very much in it's adolescence.  AA, recognized as the most significant miracle in the 20th century has a past unlike any organization.  Membership in this organization has come at a high cost to most members.  A cost not measured purely in dollars, but a cost measured in lost lives, lost loved ones, lost hopes, and lost dreams.  

The magnificent reality that is current day AA is a restorer of lost lives, a generator of life, and as Bill W. so eloquently said,  

" AA is much more in reality than a generator of mere sobriety, it is returning us to citizenship of the world."  

Our hope is that you enjoy this walk though AA History. 

The Wilson- Burwell Letters
For almost 20 years, Bill Wilson and Jim Burwell (Big Book author 2nd and 3rd edition "Vicious Cycle" ) communicated via written correspondence. Here, in part are the Wilson-Burwell Letters.

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No matter our circumstances today, let's thank God for what we have.

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